Marinate and grill like an expert with these tips.

To enjoy super delicious barbecue, the secret lies in the meat preparation which means marinating like a pro. Today I will share some tips to help you marinate right and do so like an expert.

There are unique blends and recipes for marinating used by different chefs and pit masters. But, there are three essential parts to any good marinate.

First, the acid element includes lemon, lime juice, or vinegar. The second essential part is the oil which comprises olive oil, corn oil, sesame oil, and many others. Third, the seasoning, like the salt, pepper, onion, cayenne, rosemary etc.

Ensure that all these key ingredients are ready before marinating, this will save cost and energy while grilling. With these three core parts being fulfilled, you will have a healthy and tasty mixture according to your tastes.

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