Burnt food? Not a problem anymore with these hacks.

One thing that can sparingly be avoided while cooking is burnt or overcooked meals. Some might go ahead to serve it just like that, others might discard it, causing wastage of efforts and money. 

Yes! Some meals are burnt beyond remedy and the ability to salvage such meal depends on the food. Today I will show you a few hacks that can be done to remedy a burnt or overcooked meal, saving the day and the dish. 

Flesh food – Meat

When you overcook or burn meat while grilling may be due to too much heat, the outside of the meat will probably be burnt while the inside remains undercooked. Use an oven-proof pan to char the meat, and then transfer it to the oven for thorough cooking.

If you want to put the meat inside a stew or soup and it gets burnt. Cease cooking or grilling, remove the meat, wash the pan, and re-cook in a new pan.


This is one group of foods that gets overcooked easily, when this happens, remove them from the fire, sieve, and soak in cool water, this is will help stop the steaming process after some minutes sieve again.

However, overcooked vegetables can be used for other dishes like puree, cooked with butter or cheese, or for soup or sauce later.

Rice, pasta, or potatoes

For burnt or overcooked rice, put it in a sifter, rinse and wash well to eliminate the stickiness or repurpose them into fried rice.

When you overcook the pasta or potatoes, pat them dry, then fry with some (butter, olive oil) and some seasoning or turn them into frittatas or omelets. For overcooked pasta, you can turn them into casseroles. 

Soups and Sauces

For burning sauce or soup, immediately remove from heat and transfer to a different pot and resume cooking. 

With these hacks discarding your burnt or overcooked meals becomes your last resort. Save what can be saved and repurpose the others.

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