Hosting a Memorable Summer Barbecue Party

One fun way to know its summer is the sight of people having barbeque parties outdoor with their best buddies!

Either for a get-together, thanksgiving, movie date, or no reason at all but just to bond, reminiscence on old times, and have fun, it sure has a delightful feeling to call friends together and showcase one’s culinary skills.

You can host this party from ordinary to the extra, yes, you can visit the stores to get some choicest items or choose to go the extra mile by having an extraordinarily memorable experience with the help of some basic technique like planning to impress them so they cannot positively recover from the experience in a long time.

Here are few proven tips to help assist you to make it extra easy and fun. 

Adequate planning     

To have a good summer barbeque party you need to be clear about the guest list. This will act as a base for every other thing required for the party from the menu to the location and many more.

Plan the menu

This is the crucial aspect of the party – good food. You plan your menu based on the guest list favorites or what’s on sale. It is advisable to share your menu list ahead with your guest for their inputs, this will generate more publicity about the party and help choose their best food, as you will not want your guest to be discouraged or disappointed because of the food available at the party. 

Prepare ahead and Cook

When the guest list and the menu are known, nothing saves time, energy, and money like preparing ahead, like the ingredients, snacks and other items to be used at the party. This will also allow you ample time to have fun also at the party as the host.

As the host, you may seem excluded from the fun thinking it’s all about the guests. This ought to be when the first three steps have been taken care of ensuring you enjoy the party as much as the guest and have a memorable time this summer.

Visit Rudy’s smokehouse, Springfield, Ohio, and take advantage of our expert barbeque meals and services for your memorable summer party. Our robust and beyond tasteful menus caters to all.

The simple dessert that will spice up your Barbecue party this summer

The flawless ending for a barbeque party with family and friends is a super delicious dessert. These desserts range from pies, cakes, fruits, vegetables, I guarantee them to be hit.  

Here are five Desserts to help spice up your barbeque summer party 

Rice Crispy Treats

Enjoy all the unrestrained flavors of conventional campfire — the humid mess— with these easy delights. Prepare them in only ten minutes by mixing thawed marshmallows and butter with Rice crispy cereal, crackers, and chocolate slabs. The recipe increases easily.

Strawberry Cupcakes

Misty, soft strawberry cupcakes spurting with delightful summer berry flavor, capped with flavorful strawberry butter cream frosting and diced fresh berries, is a creative way to celebrate this popular summer fruit and make an awesome dessert for backyard buffet tables.


Twist and chocolaty as all get out, these are the absolute brownies to satisfy a summer party. Utilize high-quality, unsweetened baker’s chocolate to get that super-tasting, cake-like brownies that are good enough to stand on their own without icing.

Banana Splits Stick

These make a delightful summer handheld dessert for kids and everyone. It is achieved by stringing wooden skewers with sliced bananas, pineapple pieces, and strawberries cut in halves. Then twirl the loaded skewers in melted chocolate and drizzle with any optional crushed nuts.

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