Giving Tuesdays

Rudy's Smokehouse Giving Tuesdays

Looking for a way to raise $ for your organization…? Rudy’s would love to help!

Our Giving Tuesday program is a great fundraising opportunity for your non-profit organization.


You/your organization invite as many people as you can (friends, family, followers, co-workers, everyone you can) to eat at Rudy’s on (Your Date). Then Rudy’s donates back 50% of sales generated from your efforts.

There are some rules… Please read them before you sign up.

Giving Tuesdays Rules

Giving Tuesday is a program that we offer to 501c3 organizations. This is a fundraising opportunity. You are responsible for recruiting customers to eat at Rudy’s on your assigned Tuesday with a coupon for tracking. The customers that present that coupon (before ordering) will be rang in on the assigned register. We donate 50% of the amount they spend back to you. 


NO ONE is allowed to stand at the door and hand out coupons to our guests. They must do this leg work ahead of time through their own marketing and couponing strategies. 


The charity is responsible for all marketing materials. They can do as much or as little as they wish, but we will not advertise it.


Charity is welcome to have a small display set up with pamphlets, marketing materials, etc. to let people know about what they do for our community, so long as they are not handing out the Giving Tuesday coupon.


And, as already stated on the coupon, they must show coupon prior to ordering so we can make sure the sale gets rang up on the correct terminal. (paper or electronic coupons are acceptable). 


Giving Tuesday sales are not able to be discounted with any other promotions that Rudy’s may currently offer. I know that hurts the customer, but it helps the charity and that is the point of this collaboration. Whether they know it or not, they are already getting a 50% discount, and that is going to the charity, rather than their pocket. Therefore, any further discount ends up costing us money, and preventing the charity from getting as much as well. 

Sign-up Sheet.