who are we?

Come see why Rudy’s Smokehouse is the best tasting BBQ around!

At Rudy’s Smokehouse, we are more than just your average Pork and Beef Joint. Hidden behind those burlap sack curtains is not only the best BBQ but a well-developed, highly trained staff ready to cater to you and your family’s needs inside and outside our location.

All our meats are smoked “low and slow” in our Old Hickory Pit Smokers to bring out all the great flavor and tenderness. We make all our side dishes right here at Rudy’s to ensure a zesty, fresh accompaniment to your meal. A full slab of ribs, cornbread and collard greens with a cold refreshing Pepsi to wash it down.

Mmmm Mmmmm good!

True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4 main ingredients- quality meats, low temperatures, wood burning for flavor enhancement, and lots and lots of patience, which is exactly what we do here at Rudy’s Smokehouse. All Glory be to God!